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We are happy we landed with Raegan. She came to us from a mutual friend. After a long winter with another agent, we decided to switch agents as it became clear, I was doing all the looking on MLS, and making arrangements for our agent to book appointments to see houses. Why was I doing the agents job? As a buyer, shouldn't the agent be on the hunt for what's about to come on the market? Shouldn't the agent be the one that knocks on doors and makes appointments for the buyer to see houses on their own volition, as opposed to the buyer doing that work? Immediately after I spoke to Raegan, I understood there are agents who specialize in selling, and agents who specialize in buying. She made me understand that a lot of attention was required on the buyer and not just on the selling aspect of one's home. The home will usually sell itself, but it's the buyer that needs the attention. When the market went dry, she made sure to remain in contact with us and assured us things would turn for the better, which it did! She door knocked, she made flyers for potential sellers in the area we were interested in, and, on a number of occasions, made herself available on very short notice. She is excellent at what she does and will take the time to listen to all of your real estate needs. You will not be disappointed. 

- Rob & Amy